Conversations of love – I’m in love


Stage 1

Two women, two generations and the same blood running in their veins, were enjoying the afternoon at a coffee shop. The mother holds a book in her hands and the daughter holds a phone, each with their time but gracefully meeting between waves of technology and memories. The girl is joyful but a breeze of melancholy suddenly drops by when she tries writing something to a certain someone in a certain distant place.

The sea joined with the mountain,

The waves of water joined with those of music,

The blue feelings of the sky governed, by our god, the sun.

– I will write: I love you and I miss you like crazy and I wish you were here now, come back as fast as you can to my side.

–  If you do, you will be putting your heart in his hands, you will trust him with your happiness and your whole being with all its ups and downs.He may choose to crush your beautiful heart in its hands, he may drop it or toss it from hand to hand or he can forget that it’s in his hands and let it dry.

–I’m scared, I’m so scared of everything but in the same time I am pulled from my place and space in time to his, when I breathe, I breathe the same air as he does, the same wind touches my face after it touched his skin and I know, I just feel I belong with him, I believe that’s my purpose, to be by his side. We don’t need to talk, we don’t need to see each other because I feel the beating of his heart as if it was my own, his kisses and his touch as deeply as if they penetrated my flesh and they entered in my soul, he is in me and I’m in him, nothing can separate that bond, ever.

– You are full of confidence over something you have no saying, you just feel it. I’m scared and I would stop it all but I’m afraid you are already his, I just hope he is yours too.

Dream on child, this is the dream age when magic is more real than reality and love is a prophet. Smile child, smile as never before because you shall never will like that again.


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