Conversations of love – Is it love?


Stage 2

– Time is irrelevant, some say but either way it flows, and we flow along in our own pace, until we reach the next station of our souls, moving on towards the lesson required or ascending where it belongs to. Time is tricky, when you love, sometimes it’s unfolding at the speed of light and other times is stubborn like a mule, going in a slow motion setting.

Lovers don’t bother about it, they count it relentlessly until the next meeting, next touch of the lips, next smile and the next butterfly.

A man, in his late years, dressed like an authoritative figure goes along a busy street, somewhere in a metropolitan area accompanied by a tall, dark and somewhat cheeky young man telling him his perspective on life but also trying to find out more about his thoughts.

– I thought I have everything I need in my life until I met her, she is like a tsunami, turned my life upside down, started a revolution and she smiles when I tell her all that. Love or making love, I never seemed to be able to decide between these two and women, there are many. I am confused and intrigued in the same time, but well aware that I am drawn to her and I can’t stop. It’s driving me crazy!

– Maybe that’s because you never took women seriously, you always play like a little boy with its cars, always focused on work and always seeking thrills but if you’re lucky, there is this moment in life when you are taken off your feet, that’s what happened to you. Don’t look for answers and solutions, live it with all the passion you got boiling inside.

– Passion is something I’m used to, being shaken to my bone, not so much. I’m scared of one thing, hurting her, I don’t think I would be able to live with myself if I break that shining smile into tears.

–Then don’t. Live as you feel, follow your dreams and love my boy, love with all you got because that’s why we are born.


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