Conversations of love – Love story

Stage 3

It was summer, it was sunny, it was the perfect time for love. Trees merge with water, weeds with flowers and the two souls in their midst were already enchanted with euphoria.

A strange couple, these two, for any passerby that may inertly and unknowingly interrupt their story. Similar to kids in joy but with grown-up faces they were dreaming, pushing the limits of normality, marinated in yearnings and hope.

He was taking care of her imagination and she managed his inspiration.

– Did you know that snails can walk on a blade without getting hurt?

– I like snails, they are cool. Maybe they are like an army, the sergeant goes in front and then each soldier follows him.

– What would you do with an army of snails?

– I would send them over to you to bring you by my side whenever I want, I would like that.

She smiled and he was pleased to see her reaction. But she wasn’t smiling just because of the snails but because she noticed that when he was pleased, satisfied or happy he was mumbling music through his lips, an unique sound which made her eyes twinkle every time.

– Would you runway with me?

– Where should we go?

– Let’s go to Wonderland.

– And play with Alice and the rabbit.

– Next we should go to a deserted island.

– And live there, just the two of us alone, playing and bathing all day?

– Yes, and I would be dressed in flax with a sombrero on my head and you would be in a white dress, gently touching your perfect curves.

– When do we come back, in the world?

–Never or maybe we go to Neverland…


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