Conversations of love – A love forever?


Stage 4

Love is beautiful, these two words are meant for each other like two souls, but love just like beauty is changing its flow, its shape and size, glowing in a totally different color, in the end.

The Universe is linking vibrations, matching frequencies, sends and retrieves but that doesn’t mean that acceptance comes easy.

When you love, you change and become greedy, you want to hold that happiness forever but this is a tricky word, forever, what does it mean?

– He was supposed to come, he was supposed to be here! Where is he? Maybe he’s late, maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m selfish, maybe I love him too much! No, I will stop it!

It was morning, the birds were having their morning chatter, the sun dropped by to say “Hi” and the smiles of excitement were painted on the kitchen wall, right next to the coffee.

The date, this wait she seemed unable to face with calm, she was all over the place and in the same time in the right place, their place and anticipation was going off the roof.

Today, similar to the last ten times, the air seemed heavy, the wait was already stopped by the sound of the news: he can’t

She wasn’t aware of the existence of that word before, he taught her. A grey word, which imprinted channels in her soul, marking her with another scarlet letter and they hurt, building tears with heat and cold.

In the other side of the town he was drunk, facing his own issues, his own struggle and his own pain.

They got away, one from the other, as if they never met, only the shiver of a sudden feeling from time to time, seemed familiar.

That was in their young years…

… now they are old and they are chatting with the birds, somewhere on a beach in Neverland.


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