Even the silence was weird, the eyes were down, lips were squeezed and the angst was there, fading between chairs. They all waited for something, for someone, for some…

– How did it feel around her?

Perfume of loneliness in a coat of despair, just feeling it deep enough to sparkle a sharp yet briefly pain in your stomach so you had to be shaken at seeing her…

She had a kind of exotic beauty, a stillness in the dark, mysterious and so lost at times with a child’s pure smile…

I didn’t even get to pull her eyes a mere second of their existence. She was unreachable, unattainable and every impossible word that you could imagine.

Her road was always to the sky and I foolishly believed mine was into the ground and that prevent me to get close until she reached out her hand like a savior, now I get it, she wanted me to touch the light…

I always felt like she must have found out this big secret of life which gave her the fuel to shine but in the end I realized, her fuel was love, that kind of love that doesn’t await reply, it just gives…

The intensity of her soul was a jar dedicated to humanity and in this moment…

She’s missing.


2 thoughts on “Longing

    1. Hello Mr. Poet 🙂 I liked your poem because you transported me into your charming little place so I should thank you for that 🙂 Another thank you for coming into my own little world. Love, peace & respect.


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